Claim Information
Claim Information

Motor Claim Information

Schedule 5 (relating to Article 28 (c)) In case of an accident of the insured vehicle, the owner of the vehicle should follow and keep the following information:

  1. As soon as possible (within 7 days) after the accident of the insured vehicle, the insured will have to inform the insurer about the accident and keep the proof with him.
  2. The list of documents required for the claim process should be taken from the concerned insurer along with the notice of the accident and the corresponding documents should be made available to the insurer.
  3. If the required documents are not received from the claimant within 60 days from the date of claim, a notice will be sent within 30 days. If the required documents are not submitted within that period, the claim file can be closed.
  4. The seller and repairer of the goods damaged in the accident should be registered with the EBL.
  5. As there will be variation in the valuation of the quadrupeds due to third party liability, the insurer will decide the payment of the claim on the basis of justification considering the valuation of the local body and the current value.
  6. If it is proved that the accident took place due to overcrowding and overcrowding in the insured vehicle, the insurer will not bear the loss of the accident.
  7. The third party will be as mentioned in the insurance policy regarding the claim.
  8. The third party must be certified by a notary public when submitting a copy of the documents related to the death claim.
  9. The claim will be disposed of after verifying the documents, bills and police report related to the third party drug treatment obligation and other documents as required.
  10. Only the report of the Metropolitan Traffic Police Office authorized to control and search for missing vehicles in the Kathmandu Valley and the report of the District Traffic Police Office outside the Kathmandu Valley will be recognized.
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