Miscellaneous Insurance

Medical Aid Insurance: 
Under this insurance, real compensation is provided to the insured for the expenses incurred in case of medical treatment or hospitalization as per the advice of the doctor subject to the conditions mentioned in the insurance policy. Under this insurance, insured can get the daily payment of the medical expenses incurred or the daily admission to the hospital of own choice while insuring

Travel Medical Insurance: 
In case of illness or accident during foreign travel,foreign travel medical insurance is provided to compensate for the expenses including medical treatment, hospital fees and surgery. In such insurance, the claim payment of the insurer abroad can be taken directly through the Claim Assistance/Medical Service Provider Agency Group and Individual Accident Insurance.

Group and Individual Accident Insurance
In case of death, mutilation, medical treatment or inability to earn a living due to an accident caused by an insured person, group and individual accident insurance can be provided to compensate for the financial loss.

Professional Indemnity Insurance 
Compensation is provided to the service recipients as per the decision of the court subject to the conditions mentioned in the insurance policy in case of accidental loss to the service recipient while the professionals are performing their duties. Currently, the professional liability insurance policy of doctors is the most popular insurance policy.

Cash In Transit Insurance
In case of loss of cash due to accident due to theft, robbery, fraud, motor or airplane etc., road cash insurance is provided to compensate for the possible risks involved in bringing or taking cash from bank to bank and from one place to another for special work.

Burglary and House Breaking Insurance
Proper security arrangements are in place to ensure that cash, jewelry, machinery, or office supplies, such as cash, jewelry, or office supplies, are stolen and kept in a locked room with three locks.

Workers Compensation Insurance
Workers' compensation is insured in accordance with the law in case of any employee or worker working in any establishment who is injured or maimed in an accident in connection with the work of the establishment.

Public Liability Insurance
This insurance ensures the unemployment of any person or organization is against the general public for possible loss or compensation.

Household Insurance
The scheme covers potential damages arising from fires, lightning, earthquakes, floods, landscapes, landslides, collisions of vehicles, burglary against stolen goods and goods and materials.

Student Safety Insurance
The students are insured to compensate for the risks of accidents and abductions that may occur during the period from the time the students go to school to the time they return home from school.

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